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Using - Tips

Place the pot containing the soaked mass into hot water (max. 50C). The ideal implement for this purpose is an electrically operated water bath with thermostatic temperature control.
  To prevent the formation of air bubbles, stir the chalk sizing slowly and thoroughly.
  You can also filter the chalk-sizing solution by forcing it through the fine-mesh material of an old pair of nylon tights. Lumps and other impurities then remain inside the stocking.
  Apply each layer "wet on wet" - i.e. without waiting for the previous one to dry completely. Add a little warm water to prevent the chalk sizing from thickening too much. This will make it easier to apply with a paintbrush, thereby ensuring that it goes on more smoothly. When diluting the solution, stir it very slowly to avoid the formation of bubbles.
  Smooth down filigree and other decorated surfaces with a soft rag, preferably made by tearing up an old linen sheet. Apply gentle manual pressure across the entire surface when doing so.



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